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Teaching Methods


Minna Tuovinen and Martin Heslop developed Improtango as a framework for a contemporary improvised form of social dancing and as a language for creating movement material for their choreographies.

Utilizing straightforward and quickly learned principles, it focuses on clear and intuitive communication, gives space for expression and aims to create a genuine dialogue where both partners have an influential role. Improtango is suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy dancing with a partner.

Image from Improcamera workshop

Improcamera and Laban

In 2009, Tuovinen and Heslop directed a dance documentary in Northeast Brazil with Brazilian director Alexandre Veras and Argentine director Silvina Szperling. Veras had a particular interest in Laban's theories and their application to camera work and film. The quartet decided to hold a workshop to explore how Laban's effort theory could inspire the creative interaction between the body and the camera.

The first joint course for dancers, choreographers, videographers and directors was held in Paracuru, Brazil at the end of the same year. From these initial workshop, Tuovinen and Heslop developed Improcamera a technique for creating expressive video content.

Image from Improcamera workshop

Multidisciplinary forum

The goal of Improcamera is to create a dynamic and creative dialogue between the dancer and the camera. The workshops are intended as multidisciplinary forums for various artists and students. At the end of the workshop, a video a installation presentation will be created for a local gallery or studio.

Image from Improcamera workshop in Patagonia

Creative Bodily Communication (CBC)

Central to CBC is the practice of creating with others. The practical exercises explore the inner world of movement through the basic building blocks of form like space, shape and time. Also, elements such as metaphor and archetypes are investigated to add depth and storytelling to the creative process.

Improvisation gives the confidence to express your truths authentically, and instinctively whether amid the creative performance or simply within the rhythms of your everyday experience. It also gives the ability to reimagine any situation in multiple ways to create variations, solve problems and invite endless possibilities.

Riia Kivimäki & Saku Makela
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