Tango for the Emotionally Famous

International Work


he company has produced and implemented several international tours, training and collaborative projects worldwide, either as short-term visits of one or two weeks or then projects lasting several months. All visits have included a performance as well as a workshop.

Image from a workshop in Bom Jardin, Brazil


In 2009, Tuovinen and Heslop started MovesOn international cultural development cooperation project. It aims to create long-term partnerships with local dance companies and organizations to promote social and economic equality through dance. They have implemented several large-scale cultural development cooperation projects in Argentina and Brazil.

Bom Jardin

Located in one of Fortaleza's most impoverished favelas, the Bom Jardin Cultural centre was one of the group's most exciting projects. The choreographers worked with local dance teachers and young dancers for two week; improvising on the neighborhood streets and creating a performance with the group. The visit ended with a performance by the workshop participants at the Cultural Centre's theatre.

Image from a workshop in Itapipoca, Brazil


Itapipoca is a remote town in northeastern Brazil. There, the choreographers visited a local dance company. Despite the challenging conditions, the local dancers ambitiously maintained a dance school and a dance company. The Balé Baiao dance company's mission is to get the local community involved in the dance.

The visit by As2wrists Dance Company was a significant boost to the company's profile in the area. During an intensive week, the choreographers taught improvisation, repertoire material and prepared a demo performance together with the company members. The dancers were also part of a dance documentary for which material was filmed on a stunning beach location. The visit ended with a duet performed by Minna and Martin and a demo performance by the Balé Baiao dance company at the House of Culture, the walls of which were adorned with political slogans. The choreographers returned to Itapipoca for a second time to continue the collaboration.

Image from a workshop in Paracuru, Brazil


Paracuru is a small fishing village in northeast Brazil and the home of ex-ballet dancer Flavio Sampaio and is where he runs a ballet school and dance company. This ambitious company have performed all over Brazil and travelled to many international festivals. Minna and Martin have had the great pleasure to work with the company on many occasions.

One of the highlights of the collaboration was the filming of "A Postcard from Paracuru", a dance documentary conceived and filmed by Tuovinen and Heslop. During the filming, Minna and Martin had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the dancers and their families. These experiences have remained indelibly in their minds.

The dancers from Cuatroicuarto dance company in Bahia Balanca

Bahia Blanca

In Bahia Blanca, Argentina, Minna and Martin worked with the local Cuatroicuarto dance company. One of the most extended projects so far. They spent four months in the city. The result was the work Tango for No Body. A work for nine dancers, which premiered in the magnificent city theatre.

Riia Kivimäki & Saku Makela
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