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What is Improtango

Improtango is a dance language developed and refined by choreographic duo Minna Tuovinen and Martin Heslop. It has its roots in the basic elements of Argentine tango.

It is a contemporary and engaging approach to art dance/social dance, with creativity, subtle communication and improvisation at its core.

Improtango focuses on clear and intuitive communication. It aims to create a genuine dialogue in which both partners play an empowering role.

Improtango can be danced according to clear and simple principles or created as a complex and challenging dance with a partner. Improtango gives room for expression and allows for a wide range of interpretations.

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How to dance Improtango

The Improtango class will go through different exercises of touch, balance, impulse, twist and spiral.

Touch sensitizes you to take and give messages, balance allows for authentic presence and communication, impulse provides direction and movement, rotation allows for a variety of spaces and spiral ensures the connection of the couple. When these elements are practised separately, it is easier to understand what makes up the whole.

Combining and mastering the basic elements gradually develops into a physical skill and competence. The roles of leader and follower become intertwined and the dance becomes an authentic and holistic experience and experience created by both. Just by attending one Improtango class, one gets a glimpse of what can be experienced in Improtango with another person.

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Why dance Improtango

Improtango offers a soft and conscious total body workout.

It develops balance, coordination, body awareness and control. It promotes memory training, presence and social participation. It brings people of all ages together and provides a common language. It is also fun and creative.

Improtango develops communication skills and creativity. It is not based on predefined step patterns but simple improvisational exercises. Improvised dance has been shown to stimulate the central nervous system and brain function, helping the brain to discover new ways of thinking and create new neural pathways.

In Improtango, when dancing with a partner, touch is the vehicle for knowledge, skill and emotion.

Why dance

The positive effects of dance

Dance develops balance, attentiveness and presence. Dancing improves breathing and relieves stress.
Dance increases body strength, mobility, aerobic endurance and fine motor skills.
Dance has a positive effect on memory and learning ability throughout life.
Dance stresses the body in a holistic way.
Dance exercises both body and mind.
Dance supports social participation and inclusion.
Dance helps to build new friendships and social contacts.
Dance has a positive effect on mental alertness and mental endurance.
Dance is a tangible source of strength and invigoration, as well as an experience of life.
Dance is a way of exploring creative expression.

Minna & Martin
Minna Tuovinen & Martin Heslop

Martin and Minna have been teaching together for 30 years. As instructors, they have taught and inspired Finnish dance makers and actors through their work and teaching at the Theatre Academy, as well as teaching and choreographing at various dance schools and institutions throughout Finland and running courses for different audiences.

They have been visiting teachers at several universities in Sweden, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. They have had an extensive international performance and teaching collaborations in South America since 2006.

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Improtango Course

Welcome to the Improtango course at Jazzfactory. Course duration 4 weeks, lessons on Sundays from 13-14.30. Classes 13.3, 20.3, 27.3, 3.4

Improtango is a dance language developed and refined by the choreographic duo Minna Tuovinen and Martin Heslop. It is rooted in the basic elements of Argentine tango, which provide the basis for creative, dynamic and multilevel communication.

Improtango focuses on clear and intuitive communication. It creates a genuine dialogue in which both partners play an influential role. Instead of learning a set of steps, simple improvisation-based pair exercises are used to develop subtle communication and create new variations and possibilities. Improtango aims for a more creative and free dance.

Pre-registration by email info@improtango.com. Secure your place by paying the course fee in advance.

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